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70 Volt Distributed Audio Systems

head end for commercial 70-volt distributed audio Just Push Play provides in-depth knowledge, experience and superior service in providing commercial audio systems in Raleigh, Garner, Durham and the Research Triangle Area. We are skilled at analyzing the unique needs of our commercial clients and then creating an audio solution that comes in on time and on budget while enhancing the end-customer experience.

With successful commercial audio/video installations for well-known local businesses such as Food Lion, Sheetz, Chili’s Restaurants and more throughout the greater Raleigh area and beyond, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about your project. Reach out to us on our contact form or call us at (919) 605-0352.

What is a 70 Volt Distributed Audio System?

70 volt distributed audio systems are the best choice for most commercial audio installations. Also known as constant voltage speaker systems or high-impedance speaker systems, the 70-volt distributed audio system is superior for commercial projects, especially where longer wiring distances are involved and/or a significant number of speakers are in use at once by the system, sometimes a dozen or more. In fact with the right equipment and proper wiring, it is no problem to carry a clear audio signal to speakers that are 1000’s of feet from the source.

Obviously this is not something you can do with traditional residential-oriented 8-ohm audio hardware.  The unique combination of step-up transformers in the amplifier and step-down transformers at the speakers incorporated into these 70-Volt commercial systems insures an even, uninterrupted flow of power through your speaker cables for a clean, reliable audio experience with great volume control. This is where the skill, expertise and experience of our professional team is so important to the success of your audio installation … we know the job requirements and we only use quality equipment and the top brands rated to provide a worry-free experience in your commercial installation.

What are the Advantages of Distributed Audio Systems?

At its simplest when describing a 70-volt distributed audio system, it is a commercial-grade system designed, built and installed with commercial-grade components. The inherent design of these systems allows coverage of large areas with long wiring runs, and if the project calls for it, dozens of speakers. In addition to the master volume control at the amplifier, one of the really interesting features of these systems is the ability to control the transformers at each speaker to set a higher or lower power level and thus a different volume level. For instance, maybe you have a system that needs a lower volume level in an indoor office setting while requiring a higher volume level on the same system to speakers that are outdoors in a parking lot. That’s no problem with these installations.

To recap the advantages:

  • Many speakers can be connected to a single amplifier
  • Extra speakers can be added to the system
  • The volume of each speaker can be adjusted by the installer separately from the main volume control
  • Smaller wiring is required due to the lower current requirement (higher voltage but lower current)
  • Longer speaker cables can be used with no or minimal line loss

Where are Distributed Audio Systems Used?

70-volt audio systems can be used really anywhere multiple speakers will be required or where longer distances are involved or simply the need for commercial-grade equipment. Distributed audio systems are used in supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, airports, gas stations and convenience stores, offices, schools, churches, restaurants and bars. Just Push Play specializes in these installations and we’re happy to consult with you on your project. Contact us today!