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About Us

Just Push Play Media Group: Custom Audio Visual Design & Installation

Welcome to Just Push Play…Where every day we thrive at being a different kind of company. What makes us different? We understand that you are trying to achieve more than just a growing pile of electronics. We understand that the list of ever-changing gadgets and gizmos are part of your lifestyle and who you are. By understanding our customers’ needs and desires we can provide custom solutions at affordable prices!

Let us help you integrate the latest technology not just into your home or business, but into your lifestyle. Let us teach you how to use your technology so it’s fun, entertaining, and easy. At Just Push Play we want to earn your trust, gain your business, and build lasting relationships. Give us a call today for a free consultation. Let us be your go-to audio visual integrator.

Mission Statement


To provide each customer with the utmost quality and service along with a better understanding of their audio visual and (other) media components and/or systems. To provide a completely painless and seamless experience from concept to completion while maintaining customer approval, understanding and complete satisfaction.

  • To be totally transparent in our estimates, invoices, and billing to provide the customer with a comfortable understanding of exactly what they purchased, i.e. parts, labor and installation.
  • To build rapport and trust with each customer while building strong relationships within our community.
  • To treat our employees and customers with dignity and respect with the understanding that we are all professionals on different paths of life trained in a certain field of expertise.
  • We have the responsibility as professional audio visual and (other) media integrators to share our knowledge with our customers while giving back to our community — both professionally and personally.